Client Testimonials

  • PamWalker_CCPH-testimonial1

    “I love Dr. Patton! She did a wonderful job helping my dachshund, Mollie. Dr. Patton is thorough, competent, observant and professional — all while being uncomplicated, friendly and comforting. It is very stressful when the pet you love is not well, and it makes all the difference in the world to have someone who cares so much and who you can trust. Dr. Patton's staff are friendly and helpful too; although they were busy, I felt we were very well cared for. Mollie is feeling much better and is on her way to a full recovery! I highly recommend Dr. Patton and Campus Commons Pet Hospital.”

    —Pam Walker, Client

  • CCPH-testimonial-general

    “Dr. Richardson is a darling man. He took me patiently thorough the surgery situation with descriptions and visual models, explaining the options, the reasons for the cost differences, and the benefits and drawbacks of each. More important are the hard-to-quantify intangibles of Dr. R's kind and calming approach to all of this. Kudos also go out to the members of Dr. R's support staff who have been so patient, even when I was at my most worried and nervous. It‘s very reassuring when you leave a pet in someone‘s care, unsure of how your pet will feel and how it will turn out, to have such wonderful and kind folks to get you through it. I recommend Dr. Richardson and his team completely.”

    —In for TPLO Surgery, Client

  • Campus Commons Pet Hospital - C. Marchionne Client Testimonial

    “This summer my kitty Bam Bam became very ill. After many tests, my regular veterinarian told me I should put him to sleep. I was very confused and called Dr. Patton in Sacramento. Dr. Patton had been my vet when she lived in L.A. After getting a copy of the records, she told me she felt there was some hope. Desperate, I asked her if she would treat my cat if I drove up from L.A. Long story short, I made the drive and left Bam Bam with Campus Commons for one week. After five days, Dr. Patton called me and told me to come get him, he was fine. Seven months later, he is doing great! I can tell you honestly Campus Commons Pet Hospital was worth the drive!”

    —Cierra Marchionne, Client