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When Dr. Patton or one of her wonderful staff suggest a cytology, the process may sound daunting and complicated, but this type of examination is key for getting the full picture of your pet’s health.

Cytology is actually an entire branch of biology that deals with the study of cells. Through the examination of cells — known as a cytological examination, or cytology for short — medical professionals are able to quickly and correctly diagnose illnesses that may not be obvious from looking at external symptoms alone. Simply put, a cytological exam is an examination of cells. If Dr. Patton says she wants to “run a blood cytology” she plans to get a closer look at your pet’s blood on a cellular level. Similarly, a skin cytology may include taking a sample and looking at some skin cells under a microscope. No matter what type of cytological exam is being performed, the goal is the same: to gain a better understanding of your pet’s health, identify any problems, and solve them as quickly as possible.

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These cells are what we look for in the blood to tell more about anemia and infection. More on these later.

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This is a mite. We don’t like finding these on your pet’s skin but we sure know how to treat them if we do!

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