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My New Puppy Adventure, Week 1

My New Puppy Adventure, Week 1

Imagine how excited I was when my mom surprised me with a puppy on Saturday evening! I was of course, and am, delighted. His name is Elliot, and he is perfect. However, it has been a long time since I have had a new pup—almost 14 years. I have forgotten exactly the chaos a puppy can bring and how much energy a new puppy requires.

I made sure to clean my house before I brought him home. I didn’t want him to accidentally get ahold of anything that could hurt him (even a small piece of gum with artificial sweetener can kill a puppy!). He still managed to chew on many things, which included my hair, computer cords, my hands, fuzz, string, shirts, backpacks, and the cat’s tail.

Sydney holding her new puppy.

This is me with my new pup! I love him so much.

Puppies will also eat anything, Elliot has tried to eat my hair clips, cat litter, and a piece of cotton that he got from who knows where. My new puppy is a handful!

Elliot is the cutest and sweetest thing in my life, and he is also rather exhausting. When he is awake, he is very awake. He does not follow a sleep schedule. At least not that any that a human would enjoy. He usually wakes me up around four in the morning to go pee (never on the pee pad of course) and then again around six in the morning and refuses to go back to sleep. So no more staying up late on Pinterest on my phone because I will pay in the morning.

New pup sleeping care

Elliot has found a better use for my clothes…

Side note: Elliot has reminded me in the rudest way that a new puppy will poop and pee anywhere, including on you, while you are sleeping. So make sure to get up when they wake up to take them to pee.

Puppies are also not aware of their mortality and will jump from anything. Like a bed that is high up. This jumping is dangerous as it can lead to permanent brain damage or a broken bone. Also, he is not aware that all of our cats except one hate him and that they will scratch his eyes out.

new puppy care

Elliot loves car rides!

It’s important to make sure your puppy doesn’t get hurt by other animals and learns to socialize with them properly.

They are also vulnerable and susceptible to diseases and infections. I wanted to take Elliot to the pet store and pick out various toys and treats for him (and to show him off). My mom (Dr. Patton) told me I had to wait a couple of weeks and until he got all of his shots—his young body is susceptible to infection!

More updates and tips next week!

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