Complementary Medicine

Complementary Medicine

Did you know that medicine usually just assists the body’s ability to heal itself? Even in traditional medicine, any drugs that are used are just there to assist the body’s ability in getting the show back on the road. As an example, look at antibiotics. Antibiotics work in one of a few ways — by interfering with the bacteria’s ability to repair its damaged DNA, by stopping the bacteria’s ability to make what it needs to grow new bacteria cells, or by weakening the bacteria’s cell walls until they burst. So although the antibiotic kills or assists in the killing of the bacteria, it is the body’s job to get in there and repair the damage done by the bug.

With complementary medicine, our goal is to give the body the energy and building blocks it needs to get the show back on the road faster and more naturally. Complimentary medicine can also help with prevention by strengthening the body against invasion or imbalances in the first place.

While there are many many types of complementary medicine, at Campus Commons Pet Hospital, we focus on several specific types — diet and nutrition, pet weight management, vitamins and nutraceuticals, and cold laser therapy.

Diet and Nutrition

We believe that general health and in particular certain health conditions in pets can be managed through a carefully-formulated diet and proper nutrition. Diet and nutrition is one of the easiest, least invasive ways to help a body heal. Here at Campus Commons Pet Hospital, we offer a wide selection of therapeutic pet foods made to help handle specific medical issues. We also provide advice and guidelines on your pet’s diet and nutrition.  > Read More.

Pet Weight Management

Did you know that over half of all household pets are overweight or obese? According to an Association for Pet Obesity Prevention survey, more than 50% of the dogs and cats in America are facing obesity. The health risks associated with an overweight pet include diabetes, heart disease and arthritis. Pet weight management is a key component to good overall health. However, with the right tools and support — including a diet formulated for weight loss and a plan for regular exercise or activity — owners can help reverse what has become a growing trend of pet obesity.  > Read More.

Vitamins and Nutraceuticals

Supplements and nutraceuticals, or large doses of nutrients, take the micronutrients found in food and deliver them in a pill form or other. Just like when people take them, these micronutrients can help restore balance in the the body or protect the body against damage. Supplements are a complementary medicine approach for your pet that you can do regularly, or in combination with other treatments plans. We have many hand-selected vitamins and nutraceutical products to help your pet with various conditions.  > Read More.

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy is an emerging technology that gives the body energy to heal itself without any side effects. We have had great success with this innovative technology as a complementary medicine, augmenting our traditional medicine services. Particularly, we have had positive and encouraging results in cases of arthritis, wound healing, allergies, post surgical pain, to name but a few. Dr. Patton and many of the staff have completed extra training to be able to deliver this service to our clients.  > Read More.