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Testing and Diagnostics

Testing and Diagnostics

Routine testing and diagnostics can identify a myriad of issues that could be jeopardizing your pet’s health or causing your pet discomfort. We offer both routine testing for dogs and cats, plus a comprehensive testing package to check for many things that could be going wrong internally with your pet.

Routine Testing

Fecal testing is one type of routine test for both dogs and cats that involve sending off a fresh stool sample (one less than 24 hours old) to check for intestinal parasites in your pet. Clients can drop off samples in baggies, etc., or drop by and pick up one of our laboratory containers to use. The frequency of this type of testing is very individual and it depends on what we are looking for and your pet’s exposure to other animals. Some dog boarding facilities may require this test, too, so be sure it is done at least a few days prior to any boarding.

Cats can be tested for Feline Leukemia (FeLV) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). These tests can be done here at Campus Commons whenever you are worried about your cat’s exposure to these diseases, such as if he or she got a bite from another cat. This testing is also recommended before doing a first leukemia vaccination for outdoor cats. Test results are immediate.

In addition to these routine tests, we do offer other types of diagnostics such as lab work, X-rays and ultrasounds as part of our traditional medicine services, in order to determine underlying health or trauma-related issues with your pet. We have state-of-the-art testing equipment at Campus Commons Pet Hospital, so that we can give you same-day, accurate results. > Read More.

Comprehensive Testing

Sometimes pet owners have a vague feeling something might not be right with their pet. You may have lost a previous pet too early to cancer or some other disease such as kidney failure, which makes you a little more worried about your new pet. In some cases, while there might not be anything unusual on your pet’s annual physical exam results, you may want more certainty that we have checked for everything.

While there is nothing 100% in this universe, we have put together a comprehensive testing package to check for many things that could be going wrong internally with your pet. Like with people, early detection can help treat and prevent a whole host of problems. Our comprehensive testing package involves a CBC (complete blood count), a chemistry panel including checking the thyroid, a urinalysis, X-rays of the abdomen and thorax evaluated by a board-certified radiologist, and an ultrasound of the abdomen evaluated by a board-certified radiologist. Pricing is discounted when all these services are done together. If you are interested in comprehensive testing for your pet, we can do this at any time.